Does Travelling Make Me Selfish?

Does Travelling make meI recently read a blog post by Heels in my backpack  where she looks at whether long-term travel is selfish. She argues that while she is enjoying her life travelling from country to country, her family are at home worried about what she is doing and if she is safe. She has travelled to some amazing places and looks like she has made some great friends along the way, although it is easy to see why her family would have been worried about her travelling alone through Iran.

So is long-term travel selfish? 

A couple of weeks ago I booked onto my first long-term trip. I will be travelling through Nepal and India for 3 months from October-January. This means I won’t be at home with my family for Christmas, in fact, I will be the first ‘child’ within my family to spend Christmas away from the family. So am I being selfish? My families traditions and a normal Christmas is being changed because I want to go and explore far off countries. Yes, I suppose that is selfish; changing what everyone else in my family does because I want it to change.

However, I don’t see myself as selfish- in fact, I have been told on too many occasions that I need to think of myself first. I am going off into the world and living my life in the way that I choose, what could be better than that? If I was married, like many of my friends are, I wouldn’t be spending Christmas day with my family. I would be tucked away in a little family home enjoying the day with my husband. So I guess in a way it’s the same as if I’m married, apart from me and travel can spend more time apart!

Both of my parents understand and encourage my love of travelling. While I’m away I am sure they will worry, wonder if I got across the border alright? Did I enjoy Delhi or Agra? Am I eating properly? After all, they are my parents, but the worried while I was at university, they worry when I don’t text back.


What do you think? Does travelling make us selfish? Should we be at home living safe and ordinary lives?


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