30 things you should do before you turn 30

1. Fly in an aeroplane

Think of the places you can go, by the time you are 30 you should have travelled the world and explore different cultures.

2. Travel to a new country

As much as you love your country, you should travel to a new country before you turn 30.


3. Discover a culture that is unlike yours

One of the best things about travelling is discovering cultures that are so different from your own. That was my favorite part of India.

Travelling. In a Temple in India
4. Learn how to cook a foreign cuisine

Let’s be honest foreign food can be amazing, and who wouldn’t want to be able to eat it at home!

5. Stay in a luxurious hotel

Luxury hotels are always fun, you should stay in one and be pampered at least once….

6. Stay in a basic hostel

…, but you should stay in a basic hostel once as well. It’s a great way to make new friends and super cheap!

7. Travel alone

If you’ve read this blog before you should have known this was going to be on here. I truly believe travelling alone will give you a chance to heal and to find out how strong you really are!

Lauren India Rote, in Morocco
8. Travel with friends

Just because I like to travel alone doesn’t mean I don’t understand the fun of travelling with friends! Get everyone together, book a villa and buy lots of alcohol.


9. Make new friends abroad

I love making new friends when I am travelling.


10. Get Lost

I saw this Easter parade when I was lost in Barcelona. When you get lost, you get to see part of the city you never thought you would see. You can experience the moment.


11. Live abroad 

By the time you are 30 you should have lived in another country


12.See the seven wonders
or at least some of them!

13. Learn to speak another language

French, Spanish or any other language, you should have learnt at least a conversational level of a new language.

14. Go backpacking


15. Try a traditional food from a foreign country


16. Do something that scares you

You have to at least once

17. Learn to Surf


19. See wildlife you have never seen before

20. Swim in all 5 Oceans

21. Take a road trip

Get some friends together and go on a road trip- America is the perfect place for this.

22. Jump off a waterfall

Its really freeing and so much fun!

23. Visit a vineyard

Sun, wine and beautiful views- what more could you want?

24.Climb a mountain

Imagine the adrenalin rush when you have reached the top!


25. Go to a world festival

There are so many festivals around the world, and they all look like so much fun! Haven’t you always wanted to join in with Holi? Go for it!

26. Go Camping in a national Park

Perfect views when you wake up!

27. Visit your hometown, as if you’re a tourist

You might have travelled the world, but have you spent time exploring your home town?

28. Go on a sailing trip

29. Take a trip on a sleeper train

30. Go Scuba diving


What do you think? Is there anything you would add to this list? 

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30 things to do before your 30


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