Souvenirs to collect while your traveling

There are millions of things you can collect while your travelling, I know so many people who have collect weird and wonderful things but here are some you might want to collect to remember your travels.


Beer Labels
I had a friend while I was travelling who would peel the label off every different beer bottle she drank, by the end of the trip she had a great collection of labels stuck inside her diary.

They are really colourful and easy to carry around!

“Sand, seashells, and other beach findings are nice souvenirs. In Spain, you’ll often find worn bits of old pottery.” Said Tiffany.

Although this is a popular thing to collect, there are a number of people who think collecting sand can endanger our beaches.
“No rock is the same. You can write the state/country, date and collect them in a jar. Each rock will hold a memory or story.” Grace from New York suggested.


“I get t-shirts! When I’m tired of wearing them, or they start to get too faded, I cut the main pic on the shirt out and make a quilt. There are companies that you can send your shirts to, to have it done if you don’t sew.” Said Ross

Collect money from the countries you have visited. Every country who has money that is so distinct and colourful from everywhere else. You can display it in frames or around your map to add some beautiful colour to your home.

Fridge magnet
Fridge magnets are a great way of collecting small trinkets to remind you of your trips.
Jillian from California collects bracelets from every place she has travelled to.
“I started doing this when I drove across the Andalusia region of Spain 5 years ago and bought a bracelet from every town. It’s fun seeking them out, buying them from locals, and listening to their stories.”

It’s a great way of interacting with local, giving money to the community and getting a great souvenir that will always make you remember your trip

“If you wear scarves, this might be a fun souvenir. Again, each country will have it’s own unique style and it’s a practical, lightweight, unbreakable remembrance. People will compliment your unusual scarf and you can say, ‘thank you, I got it from ____.’ ” said Tiffany from Oregon

“Being a foodie I like having a memento of the places that I have dined at while traveling. Most cooks (not chefs because I love hole in the walls or mom & pops restaurants) are shocked when I ask to buy one, but when i explain that I loved their food and that I am a tourist they are usually happy to give me one. Another nice thing about menus is that it’s flat and not bulky so it doesn’t take up room when traveling which is definitely a plus.”

Christmas ornaments
” collect Christmas tree ornaments/ decorations. So every year when I am dressing the tree I have happy holiday memories! I have a Koala angel from Australia, A snowman with shamrocks from Ireland, I bauble with chillies on from Mexico- you get the idea! Some don’t have obvious links to the country- e.g. a gold glass star from Paris, but I still have the memories”

Race medals
“I’ve been in 10k races in several different countries, and the race medals (and sometimes t-shirts) are great souvenirs. You have to earn them, and you often meet some interesting people at races.” Justin from Phoenix said

Not sure if this is something I would do, but hey if it works for you sure!

Pictures of Sunrise/sunset
David from Australia suggested pictures “I try to take a picture of the dawn and dusk to see the Sun rise and set on places I visit. Or a picture of a local person which highlights the culture of destination”

Grocery store bags
I love this idea, especially if you are staying in a self catering place. Save one of your grocery store bags and take it back home with you. You can remember where you were every time you see it, either display it around your house or use it again at home if you get the Bag for Life style.

Local liquor
“This isn’t so easy for visiting that many countries, but I typically bring back a bottle of the local drinks, like a local beer, wine, or spirit, and will then give to friends, enjoy on my own, or throw a travel-themed party. ” Spencer suggested

Charms for a bracelet
“I collect sterling silver charms for my charm bracelet! It’s kind of an expensive souvenir and I don’t wear the bracelet often, but whenever I look at it, I’m reminded of all the amazing places I’ve been lucky enough to see!” Valery from Seattle said

Wifi logins
Corey from Kansas said he collects wifi codes. “I’ll log onto a local venue an connect to the WIFI and then it stays on my computer forever as a memory.” He has logged into the wifi at Disney World, stadiums and museums

“You can’t really display them around the house. But they are weightless and easy to carry!”

“I have always collected matchbooks, although, in recent years, they have become quite difficult to collect in the states. To me they are mini pieces of art and a wonderful reminder of traveling the world. I keep some in a very large bowl but the most beautiful ones are framed in one large frame, displaying either the front or the back of each matchbook.” Explained Peggy from Washington

“I absolutely love collecting rings from markets. Not only does my jewellery collection grow, but every time I wear a ring from a different country I’m reminded of that place and all the memories surrounding it!” Said Alana from Ontario


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