Safety Myths of Solo Female Travel

Since I first starting looking into solo female travel I have heard lots of odd safety tips from around the internet. I thought I would share some of them with you!

Stupid Safety myths of female solo travel
1. You should wear a fake wedding ring

This is one of the first safety tips I found when I started looking into travelling alone, and for a while I thought might be sensible. The idea is if your travelling to a more conservative country, wearing a wedding ring will signal to men that you are off the market.

The problem with this is that the type of men that will shout, whistle or try to come on to you while you’re travelling won’t check for a ring. Yes if you go countries like India, there will be men who will make comments about you, you might feel uncomfortable, but making sure you wear conservative clothing will help you a lot more than a fake wedding ring will.

2. Don’t wear Jewellery

In the opposite direction to the last tip, as is very normal for safety advice, I have heard that you shouldn’t wear ANY Jewellery when travelling as it makes it look like your rich. I can understand not taking any special or personal jewellery, the likelihood is on a long trip it will get lost. I once lost a pair of earrings just going through airport security, how??

However the fact that you have the money to travel, have a camera, can eat out etc means that in many countries, especially less economically developed countries, you are already rich to them!

3. Carry your backpack on your front

This is one that I think some people will argue with me on, but I don’t understand why people carry their backpack on their front. Unless you are in the busiest area in the world, you will know when someone is close enough to you to pickpocket. You will also look more like a tourist, so will get targeted more.

The best way not to be pickpocketed or targeted by thieves is to look confident and like you belong to the area you are travelling through.

4. Women shouldn’t travel alone!

This is the most ridiculous, and to be honest, offensive myth I have heard about travelling. Although I would agree that as a woman you may be more nervous to travel to some places, and you are more likely to be cat called by creepy old men. but if you want to go travelling you totally can.

If you don’t want to travel alone, that’s fine! You may decide that some less westernised places aren’t for you, but never listen to anyone who says you shouldn’t travel alone!

Have you heard any solo travel myths that you think need debunking?


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