Pictorial: Morocco

My first holiday away from my parents, and not with school, was to Morocco back in 2013. My boyfriend at the time and I set off for an all inclusive holiday in Marrakesh, he had never been outside of Europe before so it was a bit of a culture shock for him.

We spent lots of days by the pool, but we also did a day exploring the wonderful areas of the city with a tour guide. OK, this isn’t the type of holiday I normally go on, but I still thought I would share it with you, these holidays can still be fun.

We went on a trip to explore the city while we were there and found this beautiful mosque.

I loved all the patterns. It felt like every tiny area was really intraceatly patterned.

We also had a traditional meal in a restaurant. we were in a group of about 20, so we split into smaller groups and all ate together. The food was somewhat interesting, I wasn’t expecting to see as much of the animal as I did! but once you got over that it tasted great!

This was the restaurant we ate in.

We also went on a camel ride. I mean can you go to morocco without riding a camel?

I loved the desert style plants around Morocco, I guess they are just so different from where I live.

The grounds of the hotel were really beautiful. In the evening my ex and I would sit outside and enjoy the lights and flowers around us.

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