Faces Of India

There is something amazing about the people you meet while traveling. For me, meeting local people is why I travel. I love to see how people from different cultures behave, how different their life is from my own and what I can learn from the way they live.

In India and Nepal, I got the opportunity to talk to young children and housewives about their lives, to see what they enjoy, how they feel about their country and what their daily life is like. The children were always so full of energy, makes games out of anything they could find, their excitement was almost infectious and I loved spending time with them.

Along my trip from Nepal to Southern India and back again, I took so many pictures of women and children from tribal areas of busy cities they were all so kind, so friendly and absolutely beautiful. I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you here.

3 girls in India

Young Indian girl in a blue dress

classroom in Odisha India

Young Indian girl with her goat Young indian girl with flowers

Teenager in Odisha, India

Indian men sat in the wall

Young girl sat on a wall. Odisha India

Man delivering newspapers on a bike

Young indian girl with flowers

A young mother in her tribe and her child


I am thinking of making this a weekly feature like Foto Friday. Let me know what you think of the idea.

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