Life, My Plans & An Update

Well hello there travel lovers! Longtime no speak [well type], I have been a horrible friend and rubbish at blogging over the last couple of months because I have been creating my final project for my master’s degree; a blogging course!

But it’s finally been handed in and after a few weeks to sort my life out I am ready to get back into the swing of things, and ready to start talking about travelling again.



My plans 

So let’s get into the really good stuff; travelling!

If you have been on my blog for a while then you probably know about my plans for a big wonderfully exciting  solo trip to Nepal and India [was that enough adjectives?] originally I was going to be setting off in October for 3 months travelling through Nepal and all around India to see the typical tourist spots of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur along with the less travelled areas around such as the tribal regions and areas around the coast. After discussion with my family, I decided to put my trip off for a few months and head out for the trip in early January.

Since I last blogged I have also had a few family updates that have slightly change my travel plans. My Mum and Step-Dad have decided to relocate to Australia for work!! How cool is that! With them being away from the UK I have decided to head out to see them at the end of my India/Nepal trip.

With them being away from the UK, the country I would normally come home to, it has made me re-access my future plans and think about what other plans I could make around the world. So after some thinking and researching, I have decided to undertake a TEFL {Teaching English as a Foreign Language} course so I can work abroad teaching English. I am so excited to learn about teaching and to go and work abroad!  I will have a blog post about TEFL soon!


So that is a quick update about my life- and I promise I will be back very soon with some great articles!


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