How to travel on a budget




  • Don’t be too specific when flying


The worst thing you can do, in my opinion, is to go straight to your favorite travel company when booking your budget friendly holiday. SkyScanner is a no-frills websites that searches the internet for the best flight for your destination. They look at each airline and work out who has the best price- and even use different airlines for returning flights, or different legs of your trip if you need a stop over, to make sure you really get the best price. For my trip to Barcelona, I am flying with Ryanair to get there and back with Monarch and it has saved me loads of money!


Being less specific about the places you want to visit will be better. If you don’t mind where you go you can find a much cheaper deal than having to go to one specific place. If you look at where you can fly to from your chosen airport on the day you want to travel (most airports have websites that will tell you) you can find some great deals and end up in places you would have never of thought of going!

A beautiful beach in New Zealand

  1. Where to sleep?

Whenever I think of holidays I always think of staying in a hotel, but it is the most expensive option and often you spend a tiny amount of time there! Hostels are a great option for a holiday sightseeing with some places offering rooms for a couple of pounds a night.


If you are traveling on your own, large dorm rooms in a great way to make friends and is normally the cheapest option while large groups can hire the whole room and have a week long slumber party, no more arguments about who sleeps with who!


Hostels also offer smaller dorms or private rooms for couples or people who want their own privacy while on holiday, at a higher cost. Hostels are normally in the middle of a city and offer the basics you need so will be the perfect place for sightseeing but not great for a day sat by the pool!

Travel food

  1. Food

Unless your all-inclusive food can be one of the biggest expenses on holiday, but being smart about your food can save you loads of money.


What could be better at lunch time than a picnic on the beach or in a park? Buy a baguette and some meat from the local supermarket and you will be able to have a delicious and filling lunch for a fraction of the price of your hotel’s pool bar.  


Staying away from tourist spots will also bring down the price of your food. Going to small cafes and street food rather than restaurants or snack food around large tourist spots will also help.


4.Use public transport

If you need to get from the airport to your hotel, or want to get around while you are there, public transport is the perfect solution. Buses, trains and trams are all cheap ways to get around in most places.


Lookup transport links before you set off on your holiday and ask local hotels and restaurants what the best transport links are to get around your destination.
What tips do you have to travel on a budget?


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