How to pack for a weekend away in hand luggage

Top tips on packing in just your hand luggageMy step-mom is going on her first adventure with just hand luggage this weekend, and that made me realise that lots of people never have and are dying for some tips! It can save you serious bucks!

  1. Pick a sensible bag.

Sure your handbag looks great as you walk through the airport terminal, but we are taking this trip seriously so we can save some money. A backpack or small wheeled suitcase are normally the best bet, giving you plenty of room to pack your belongings. Airline regulation sizes are quite large so take advantage of this, read your airlines restrictions and find a bag (or 2) that fits into that.

2. Buy toiletries when you get there.

Those tiny bottles of travel sized toiletries are ridiculous they are nearly as expensive as they full size! I always just go to the local supermarket the day I arrive, I normally go to get some water and things anyway, and buy full sized products. They aren’t normally brands I would know but to be honest that why I like it, and I then share it with everyone I travel with

3.Do you really need that?

Ok, you like taking your hairdryer and straighteners?  Does your hotel or apartment already have a hairdryer (most do now-a-days). Can you go without straightening your hair and embrace a more natural holiday style? If you have to take any styling tools and are travelling in a group, organise together so you can all share 1 set of tools. You certainly don’t need 5 pairs of straighteners!

4. Plan your outfits

To be able to fit everything in your backpack you want to make sure you have outfits picked out rather than taking random items. Think about what you’re likely to do while your away, if you are with a group of friends and planning lots of nights out you will be packing very differently than a family weekend away sightseeing! I always think it is best to pack basics; a black dress, a couple of tank tops, jeans, and then add fun accessories to make the outfit more you.

5.Wear your heaviest items

This is a tip I believe should always be done, wearing your heaviest items onto the plane. You will often see me walking off a flight in hiking boots, and my mom has worn a really thick winter coat on a flight!

6.  Don’t fold, Roll.

I don’t have the brain power to understand how it works but rolling your clothes rather than folding them takes up a LOT less room. Putting them into sandwich bags or packing cubes also means they are easy to find while you’re away.


What are your packing tips? I will be sharing what I am taking to Barcelona next month to stay tuned!


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