Girl talk: Periods, Moon Cup and Travel



In my head the idea of packing for a 3-month trip is easy, some cute clothes, my camera- the normal things you would take on a 2-week trip, I will just use them more that I would for 2 weeks. Then I start to remember I need to take toiletries; 3 months worth of toiletries which I have to carry around in my backpack while still having room for my clothes. I then start to imagine my backpack filled to the brim with shampoo, body wash and tampons. Forget the clothes I just need to make sure I don’t smell and I’m not bleeding the whole way round. This idea was obviously ridiculous and I knew I needed a way to be able to travel around easily without feeling like I needed to bring boxes of sanitary products for the whole trip.


I began looking into a number of options for ways that I could not have to worry about periods while I was travelling. There were a number of ideas that I came across when I did a bit of research, I thought about using the pill, you know that one you use to stop getting pregnant. When I was in university I use to take the pill for contraception and would on occasion [ ok pretty regularly]  also use it to stop my periods or withdrawal bleeds, because I didn’t want them. However, I knew this wasn’t healthy for my body, and since my university days I care more about my body and what I am doing to it. So that ruled out taking the pill as a way to stop my periods.


backpacks-1260831_1920So I decided to look into ways to make managing my periods easier while travelling, and I came across the moon cup. A moon cup is basically a silicone menstrual cup, it works in a similar way to tampons, it is inserted into the vagina and is used to collect the blood, however unlike tampons the blood isn’t absorbed by the device it simply holds it until you go to the bathroom where you can empty the cup. The first advantage I saw for the moon cup, or any other similar devices, was that they were reusable. The moon cup could be used, washed out and used over and over again, in fact as far as I know you could use it for years! Basically, that means that I would only need to take one, pretty small products rather than loads of throwaway products, I also wouldn’t have to worry about what to do with the products when they had been used- eew!


After a bit of research, I also discovered that the moon cup is also just all round better for you. Tampons are designed to absorb moisture, I think we have all seen someone stick a tampon in a glass of water, but in case you didn’t know our vaginas are moist normally, without your period, because that’s how a vagina should be. So the tampon absorbs all the moisture leaving you completely dry. A moon cup, however, works to collect your blood, allowing the natural fluids that are present within your special area [ oooh that sounds a bit creepy], this is better for your body and also great if you like period sex…. Just saying. There are also arguments that the ingredients in tampons are pretty shit for your body, [read about it here] and as I said before I have become a bit more zen about what goes inside of my body.


So I tried out the moon cup and it was good!! I loved it, I am still in love with it. This is going to sound weird but using the moon cup made me discover so many things about my body. The first month I tried it I had a Really heavy period and I remember looking at the cup and thinking god, I’m going to have to change this every hour or so. Can it overflow? I’m not even kidding when I went to empty my cup a few hours later I was so shocked to see the tiny dribble of blood that was at the bottom. Even during one of my heaviest periods I could wear the cup for 12 hours without having to even think about it.


You also get to know your body better because you have to insert the cup inside of you using your fingers, it’s fine and doesn’t get messy but I realised the way my pelvis tilted back at an angle in a way I had never really appreciated before. I love how easy and stress-free the moon cup is and I really think it is a great option for travel.
What is your favourite way to travel and deal with your periods? Have you had any experience with menstrual cups?


This post was NOT written in affiliation with Moon Cup- I just love the product.


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