Foot Fetishists Helped Pay for my 3 month trip to India


I booked my 3 month trip to India and Nepal on a bit of a whim; I had been looking at the holiday for a few months and knew it was the perfect place for my post graduation big solo trip I had dreamed of, so when they had a sale on the companies website I ran to my handbag grabbed my debit card and paid the deposit before I had too much time to think of much else.



I had some savings squirrelled away in my bank account but as the trip grew closer one thing was becoming clearer- saving the money for a £5,000 holiday is hard, especially while studying full time for a Master’s Degree! So as many millennials have done I searched the internet for ways I could make money without having to get a full-time job!


After looking through the typical ‘make money from home’ schemes that varied from ‘You only have to pay £500 before you can earn thousands each month’ to ‘Get paid (In gift vouchers) for doing surveys’ that seem to be everywhere on the internet. After almost giving up on the internet I came across a blog post that I thought was interesting about selling used shoes on eBay to foot fetishists.


To be honest, when I first read it I thought it was a funny idea but I would never do it. A couple of months later I was going through my wardrobe and getting ready to chuck so unwanted things out to help make future travel easier. I decided to through away some shoes, and the blog post popped into my head and I thought it would be fun to give it a go. I popped the heels on a snapped a few pictures before uploading them to Ebay.

The next day I was inundated with messages from ‘shoe lovers’ who messaged me asking for extra photos or videos of my feet and shoes in exchange for £15-£25. In the end, I didn’t make that much money from selling my shoes, but I got a lot of messages about selling images.


One message asked me to send a 5-minute video of me dangling a shoe from my foot. I worried about what would happen with the videos once I had put them out into the universe, it also felt a bit creepy knowing guys were having some ‘personal time’ with pictures of me!

So, I guess my trip to  India has partially being funded by men with foot fetishes, thanks, guys!


Have you had done any weird things to raise money for your adventure?


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