My Favourite Travel Products

There are so many travel related products around that is can be hard to know what is actually useful and what is rubbish. So I thought I would share some of my favourite products; ones I have tested through my trips and have fallen in love with.


Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes are my saviour when I’m going backpacking or Overlanding. These wonderful little things allow you to easily store and organise your clothes into sections. I usually have 1 large cube for my tops, 1 large cube for bottoms, a small cube for undies, a small one for my towel and swimming cozzy and a large cube for dirty clothes; however each trip I come up with a new configuration.

The cubes mean you don’t have to go searching through your bag to find a clean top, and you don’t end up wearing the same 2 items of clothing every day. On a trip where you are moving around often they mean everything is easy to find and super easy to pack away.

They’re also great for keeping your clothes free of stains and wrinkles.


Life Straw 


Depending on where you are travelling to, you may need to think about how you are going to purify your water. Many places in Asia and Africa; specifically when you get to more rural areas, don’t have purified water, so in order to not get ill, you will need to do this yourself.

You can use water purification tablets but these can take up to 2 hours to kill all the bacteria, which means you need to have another water bottle to drink out of at this time.

One of the guys on my Overlanding trip has this Life Straw water bottle, which purifies the water as you drink it. You do sometimes have to suck harder on this bottle than you do on normal bottles but the water is purified as you drink meaning you can fill your bottle up from anywhere and drink it straight away.

The Straw kills 99.9999% of Bacteria & 99.9% of Protozoa, which makes it a great bottle for hiking and travelling


Portable speaker  

When I am travelling I love to listen to music. I mean I enjoy it when I ‘m at home but for me, there is something about travelling that makes me listen to music more. I find it’s a great way to keep a memory alive in your mind, and sometimes a good way to block out some of the distractions around you when you’re trying to take in a new city.

But some of my best memories from travelling have been sat around a table with a glass of beer (or a cocktail) and talking to friends and listening to music.  Whether it is in your room or sitting on a rooftop it is great to be able to listen to music as a group. Which is why I have got this portable speaker on my must have list. It packs up really small but packs a great punch when your music is playing.


Amazing Neck Pillow  

I have a confession: I normally hate neck pillows. I find them weird and uncomfortable, but before I went to India my mum brought me the weirdest looking neck pillow ever…. and it was the best thing I have ever found.

The pillow has a rigid piece of plastic within the padding, which you can rest your head against, giving you support rather than a super floppy head. This is coming from someone who HATES anything around their neck, it was really comfortable and I actually managed to sleep on my flight!

For me that is a success. Just trust me on this one.

Travel Wallet 

This is one of those items that some people love, and others hate. The haters say it isn’t sensible to keep all your documents in one place if it gets lost of stolen you will have nothing else on you.

I think these are a great way for keeping all your documents in one place. I love knowing exactly where my flight details, insurance, passport and all important documents are. I always keep it close to me and know exactly where it is.

I also make sure to keep some money separate in case of an emergency. This travel wallet also is RFID protected so there is no way for people to steal your card details.


Adapter Plug  

As soon as you leave the country, you pretty much need an adapter plug. This plug is great because it works for all plugs, meaning you don’t need to have a million plugs for each area of the planet.

This plug has 2 USB ports along with a traditional plug socket meaning you can cut down on the ‘plugs’ you are taking with you when your travelling. For me, this one is a no-brainer.


Travel Towel  

I remember as a child I would take the traditional beach towel with me on holiday, but they took up about 45% of my suitcase and always needed a day to dry. As I began to take more adventurous holidays I needed something that wouldn’t take so much room, and would dry much quicker, so I didn’t have to carry a wet towel around with me.

That’s when I discovered the Microfiber towels. They are made a super thin, magic material which dries in just a couple of minutes and weights almost nothing. It packs down into a small bag, which can fit almost anywhere. I am seriously in love with this thing!

It even dries my hair within a few minutes meaning I don’t have to go to bed with wet hair! Success!  This towel also has super cute designs on it!


What are your must-have products for travelling? 


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