What your favourite holiday destination says about you

We spend most of the year planning and looking forward to our holidays, but the way you spend your hard earned money and extra precious holiday days can say a lot about you. Do you like to explore the culture of a city, or do you want to lay on the beach with a chick-lit and let the sun take away your worries, or do you spend the nights out dancing on tables and never see the sun?

All holiday choices have preconceived notions, so what does your favourite holiday spot say about you?

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Thailand- You’re an out going person who loves spending time with your friends. You live everyday to it’s fullest and deal with FOMO everyday! If their is a party you are there- and that’s why your in Thailand. Full moon party anyone?

The Eiffel Tower

Paris- Your a romantic at heart, and swoon at the idea of walking around cobbled streets hand in hand with your soul mate.  The Notebook is your favourite film and have said “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird” in real life. Boat trips along the seine,  kisses at the top of the Eiffel tower and eating macarons are all your idea of the perfect way to spend your days. You may come away from your holiday a few pounds heavier from all those pastries but you will be so loved up it will make your friends sick!

California- Sun, Celebrities and Shopping; what more would you want from a holiday? You are always up to date on the latest celeb news; you know who is getting a divorce, hooking up and pregnant practically before the celebrities themselves! Your dream would be to move to LA and become a mega famous super star (or to marry one!) You will walk down the Hollywood walk of fame taking pictures of all the best stars, and will be hitting all the latest celebrity hotspots.

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New York- Fashion, fashion, fashion. You are more likely to spend your money on the new it skirt and drinks out with the girls than the practical things in life. Going to New York might be expensive but it’s nothing based on the amount you will spend in Saks 5th Avenue and Barney’s. You’re suitcase will definitely be over the baggage allowance on the way back home.

Amsterdam- You are obviously going away with the lads, any women will be left at home- It’s amsterdam after all. Your group will be going from coffee shops to bars, a brownie anyone? The closet you will get to a museum is the condomerie and staring at the girls in the red light district. Pictures of the holiday might not be the best idea, and your not sure how much you will actually remember once you get home.


Inter railing- You polaroid camera is always in your hand and your backpack is filled with geek style glasses (that you don’t need) and bohemian style clothing (Can you travel without looking boho?) You have told everyone you’ve met in the past 6 months that your going inter railing.

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Bali- You have watched eat, pray, love and few too many times and after a break up/ crap job/ bad day (delete as appropriate) you have decided you need to go on a journey of self discovery. You will spend days walking along the beach and taking lots of dreamy Instagram snaps that you will be using for at least 6 months after you return, with a different filter each time!

Spain – The only reason you go on holiday is to enjoy the sun, get a tan and catch up on a good book. You work all year for this holiday and you want to relax. If you have to move for anything that doesn’t involve cocktails or ice cream it will only be to walk between the pool and the sun lounger.


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