Factory Gardens Hostel: Barcelona Review

Over Easter, I spent 5 nights in Barcelona, (check out these posts if you haven’t heard all about it !) and while I was there I stayed in the Factory Gardens Hostel and I thought I should share a little post about the hostel. This is not sponsored, or affiliated with the company!


I booked into an eight-bed female only room, one of the largest rooms, which cost around 20 euros a night for my 5 nights over the Easter weekend. The hostel was in a perfect setting for exploring the city, it was just off the Avenue Diagonal by the Gaudi House and about a 10-minute walk from the Sagrada Familia. I got on the metro from the airport and found the hostel really easily. Just get off at the Passeig de Gracia station and keep all the Gaudi buildings on your right, you will find it really easily. It is also about a 20-minute walk from the areo-bus stop, which goes from the airport to the center of Barcelona.

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When I checked in, I was given a bag with my bedding- it’s nice to know your bedding is fresh- and shown to my room. The room was really large with plenty of space in the middle to move around, in fact, I was surprised by how spacious the room was, it didn’t feel at all crowded. You could probably perform an entire dance routine in the middle of the room, it was that big, but I didn’t try. Each person gets a lockable drawer under the beds, the only annoying thing was that the bottom bunk draw was under the ladder and the top bunk near the head of the bed, it just made it slightly awkward if you both needed to get stuff out. The drawers were plenty big enough to fit an average backpacking rucksack and have room to be able to unpack.


The beds were really comfortable and had a privacy curtain, made out of blackout material, which was wonderful if you are sleeping while your roommates are awake at 6:00 am. There is also a small shelf, plug socket and a wall light in your bunk perfect for reading at night, or getting ready while everyone else sleeps.

The whole hostel is designed in a really modern hipster style vibe with exposed brick, neon signs and geometric shapes decorating the walls, with a library which is filled with old National Geographic Magazines, and books left behind by guests. The kitchen, in the middle of the hostel, leads to the patio creating lots of natural light. There’s lots of space, and cooking equipment, so you can easily cook along with everyone else, even at busy times. When I was there cooking oils and dried herbs were also available for guests to use; I assume these were left over from people who had left which makes creating a meal lots easier.


The kitchen also has 2 long dining tables, which everyone gathers around during meals times, and during the evening. So it’s a great place to meet new people, who aren’t in your room. In fact, I decided to eat in some nights just because the atmosphere in the kitchen was so nice. There isn’t a bar in the hostel so this is the main hub of the hostel and a great place to get chatting to some new people- you might even pick up a new recipe or two. On the busier nights, over the Easter weekend, the kitchen was much livelier with people drinking and sat playing games and sharing food around the tables; the other nights were much quieter but still had enough people around so you could always find people to sit and chat with.

The showers were communal, I am not sure if some of the private rooms have their own bathroom, but a cleaner comes in every morning to clean them meaning that they always seem to be clean even when it’s busy. There are 3 shower stalls in each bathroom, 1 women’s bathroom, and 1 male bathroom, meaning that when the hostel is full you might need to wait a while before it is free. I found the morning or late at night (around 10-11pm) meant that you could get straight into a stall without waiting.


Overall the hostel was amazing; it was in the perfect location for sightseeing, had a great atmosphere but most of all were really clean and comfortable. If you are planning on spending some time in Barcelona, I would recommend staying here, as long as you aren’t looking for a 24-hour party. I will definitely be staying here if I go back to Barcelona.

Check out their details here: http://www.factoryhostels.com


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