My dream trip: A Van Conversion

We all have that picture perfect holiday that we dream of, Ā it might be a luxurious trip to golden sun kissed beaches or an adventure filled time hiking mountains. Since I have come back from my three months travelling around India and Nepal, everyone has been asking me about what my next big trip is or what my dream trip would be and I have to admit I have spent a longtime thinking about it.

You won’t be shocked to hear that my, make me a millionaire ideal trip is longer and more exiting that an average 2 weeks abroad- MUCH longer in fact. My dream trip is to do a year-long road trip in a converted van. If you have ever looked at my Pinterest board (You should I am re-organising it full of travel awesomeness) you will have seen my van conversion board, but if your not sure what a van conversion is I will explain.

“A van conversion is simply taking a traditional work van and turning it into a motorhome style van, which you can use to sleep, eat and travel in (I feel like Sleep, Eat, Travel should be my tagline šŸ™‚ )”

I would not exactly be considered the handiest person when it comes to renovations, I can just about hang a picture frame, but there is something magical to me about taking an old workers van and designing it myself and creating my perfect little home on wheels. I really like the idea of a motorhome; being able to go where ever you want to; if you have been reading my blog for a while you might remember my trip to Europe last year when I joined my parents for 2 weeks in their motorhome. It was fantastic to just move with the weather and decide to go where ever you feel like, but for me, part of the excitement is designing a vehicle that completely fit my needs.

So where would I go?

Well over the last three months of travelling I have been tempted, by an Australian, to head down under; after all the weather in Oz seems to be a lot nicer most of the time than in Europe, which is where I had originally planned to go. I am still trying to compile a list of where to go but at the moment I want to do ALL of Australia- is that too much? Maybe I need to narrow this down.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you some of the inspiration I love to stare at and dream about my perfect little sprinter van or converted bus an the trips I can go with it.

Erin from the Bearfoot Theory has created the most amazing, Mary Poppins style van out of a MercedesĀ Sprinter- seriously I don’tĀ understand how she manages to fit so much into the tiny space while still keeping it looking so nice and not cramped! She has also included where she got all of her things from on her youtube channel!

Ok this one is cheating slightly but Ā I love the way this family has designed theirĀ caravan! they have amazing yellow wallpaper and fun decorations including a light up arrow!

136 weeks and 6 days | A Caravan Makeover with Wallpaper Direct

For complete van-dulgenceĀ (see what I did there!) Vandog Traveller is amazing! He shares his step by step process to creating his van conversion and shares his life on the road.


Still want more? My Pinterest board is full of them!

Where would you go on your dream holiday?


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