Booking A 3 Month Over Landing Trip

Well, I have done it. After weeks and weeks of looking at online, scrolling through pages of blogs, and staring at my dream trip I have book it. In October I will be going on a 3 month overlanding trip through India and Nepal.


When I booked onto my trip (link here) to Barcelona I was really excited about the experience that lay before me; I had never travelled alone before. However I wanted to stay close to home, in a place where the culture wouldn’t be too different from my own and where English would be understood. After all diving into a completely foreign land on my own for the first time seems frankly too daunting. So Barcelona felt perfect, and I had a great time (read about it here), but now I am ready to face bigger challenges and push my boundaries even further with an overlanding trip.

When I first started planning this trip, it looked very different; in fact my first thought was to go inter railing through Europe. I looked at going down to the south of France across Europe to Croatia and then up to Russia and back across to France before heading home; there was only one problem with my plan- October to December is bloody cold even in the south of France!

So I started to think about going further afield, and Asia seems like the best place. I started to look into overlanding trips, and I knew that I didn’t want to go on one of the party bus style trips that are around. After a lot of searching, and asking people for advice, I found Dragoman. They had an 89 day Kathmandu- Kathmandu trip which goes through Nepal and all around India.

The trip goes through Chitwan National Park, before heading into India where we will visit Agra, Mumbai, Goa and Odisha Tribal Area along with loads of other places. It all looks so amazing- and don’t worry you will be coming along with me on the trip. Well Virtually, I am not made of money!

The trip runs from the beginning of October until the end of December, so I will be spending Christmas in Chitwan National Park, although I will miss my family over the holidays, I can’t wait to spend it enjoying the culture and natural beauty of Nepal.

I have heard some really great things about Dragoman, my step dad went on when of their trips a couple of years ago, so I am really excited about the trip.


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