Apps that every travel addict needs

Our phones are amazing and can make travel loads easier. Here are some key apps to make your life a little easier.

Pack Point

If you are one of those people who gets on holiday and realises that you have no swimsuit, a shoe and 24 nail polishes then this is the app for you! It helps you work out what to pack based on the activities you will be doing when you’re on holiday. Going hiking? Don’t forget your boots. Going out for a fancy dinner? You will need your cocktail dress. The app looks at the type of holiday you are going on; the amount of time, place you’re going on and activities before helping you create a packing list. Making sure you will never forget anything again!


You can download the app here:



Whenever I go away I always have a folder filled with all the documents I need. My passport, details of my hotel, flights, insurance and my itinerary for the holiday. However if you oh so techy, more than me, then this app creates a master itinerary, pulling all your documents into 1 place. Perfect for the organised person who travels!


Download here:




Do you ever sit in front of your carry on items trying to work out what you can take on your flight? Are you lip glosses counted as liquid? I still don’t know! Well the TSA app is a handy dandy place that can aswer all those questions! No more products been stolen off you by the TSA people.


Download here:


Currency Exchange


If your going out of the country you are likely to need to know the currency exchange rate, unless you’re in the EU. Keeping an eye on the exchange rate means that you won’t end up spending more money than you expected.


You can download an app here:




It’s always good to be able to say at least a few words in whatever the national language is in the country you’re visiting. And sometimes you will really need to be able to translate something to someone who doesn’t speak English.

Download here:

What apps do you think a travel addict really needs?


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