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There seem to be a million apps on the market designed to help make life easier for us travel obsessed girlies, but I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to fill my phone with apps I will never use. If you ask me my phone should always have room for the spontaneous photo moments. So I am really picky when it comes to the apps that actually stay on my phone long term.

When I was travelling through India and Nepal I came across this fantastic app called Maps.Me, the app lets you download maps onto your phone, which you can then use while you are out and about. It works in a similar way to google maps does where it can position where you are and ‘walks’ along with you as you navigate the new city you are in, but unlike google maps, you don’t have to use data roaming meaning there isn’t a massive bill waiting for you when you get home!

Car Navigation

I tend to have a good sense of direction but in India, especially when we were moving around so often it was often difficult to get your bearings in a new city. So this map became invaluable, in fact by the end of the trip pretty much everyone had downloaded the app!

The app also has a search feature so if you are wandering around immersed in the culture of the country you are visiting and decide you are in dire need of a caffeine fix, then you can search for the closest Starbucks. Or if you want to work out how to get to the Taj Mahal, Empire State Building, Eiffel Tower or whatever big attraction is near you simply type the name into the search box and the map shows you where to go.


You can either let the app direct you like a sat nav or just walk along and the map will follow you as you move, I found it easier to just use the map as a map and direct myself but that is a personal preference. We even used the map to direct us from city to city as we drove the truck around India- it was perfect.


A great additional feature is the pins; you can drop a pin in locations you want to remember, meaning if you see a restaurant you really want to remember. Found a money exchange with an amazing exchange rate (that happened to me)? Then you can pop a pin in the location and go back to it whenever you want. You can also share your pins with your friends, this was super useful for us because other drivers could share their pins with our crew so we knew we could fit down all the roads we were driving and knew we would actually get there!


Navigating around India

I used to navigate around the Indian cities- even in the truck!


The app is great but because it is a download you don’t get up to date information; meaning you don’t receive traffic updates like you would with a traditional SatNav and the road layout may have changed since the app was last updated. However I found that it wasn’t too much of an issue; as I said before I didn’t use the SatNav feature I just found the route myself, when we were driving we had a navigator and a driver so we could do this the whole way.


I never found any spots that the road differed too much from what the map suggested it would be like, and hey it’s all totally free so in my books, it’s a total win.

No need for a traditional map anymore!

No need for a traditional map anymore!


In the next few years, I am planning on doing a number of road trips and this will definitely be by my side all the way! I found it really useful to help navigate around new cities and if you are the type that gets lost this will be a life saver.


Rate: 5/5 🙂 


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