5 Ted Talks You need to watch

This is what LGTB is like around the world


Jenni Chang and her partner Lisa Dazols decided to head out on a world tour in search of “SuperGays” LGBT members who are doing something extraordinary in 15 countries including India, Argentina, and South America. The pair share the inspiring stories from across the world.

Unseen footage, Untamed Nature


Karen Bass, a film maker for the BBC’s David Attinbourgh and National Geographic, in her ted talk she shares some of the footage which hasn’t previously been shown. All the animal footage gets me everytime!

A glimpse of life on the road


Have you ever wanted to just leave your house and never come home again? To enjoy the adventure of constantly traveling? Kitra Cahana shares her stories from one the road.

Where is home?


With more and more people living abroad Pico Iyer looks at the meaning of home in a traveling world.

A roadtrip through the whitest towns in America


As the world is getting more multicultural, Rich Benjamin realized that there were areas in America that were getting less multi-cultural- so he moved in! In this Ted talk he shares his stories.


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