5 reasons why solo female travel is great!

Encase you haven’t noticed yet I have completed fallen head over heels in love with solo travel. So I thought I would share with you 5 reasons why solo travel is great, and why you should do it too!!!

1. You can go anywhere, and do anything. 

Ok this was one of the first things that I was mega excited about. I am one of those people that hates to annoy anyone else, but I also love to snap away on my camera, sit and take in the atmosphere and just enjoy the culture of an area, and my friends and family don’t necessarily feel the same. I loved being able to do everything I wanted to do, and how I wanted to do it. I walked up to the Gaudi Park and sat there for hours enjoying the atmosphere and my book.


2. You make loads of friends

Everyone who has never travelled alone, always tells me that it must be so lonely without friends around, and that its not the same when its people you have just met. I always sit there politely and nod internally thinking about how wrong they are! I have never spoken to as many strangers, and made amazing friends with so many people and as quickly as I did when I went travelling alone.

Have you ever been to uni or summer camp? You know how at the end of the first day you feel like you have known everyone for decades? Solo travelling is just like that, after a 10 minute chat I have seen life long friendships form, travel plans change and for me the best bit, people learn about a culture they didn’t know anything about. Trust me you won’t feel lonely!

Solo Travel will heal the wounds you never knew you had

3. You will heal

When I was booking my first solo trip, I found a quote that said “Solo travel with help fix wounds you never knew you had”. Now that I have gone on my own I completely agree. The last year has been somewhat difficult for me, from breaking up with a long time boyfriend, to leaving a really stressful job and going back to university to study for my masters; and it wasn’t until I was able to sit down in a foreign city and just breath that I realised how stressed I head become.

Looking back over the last years, I finally felt I could see all the positive and realise even the worst things that happened brought me to such a wonderful place. I am truly healed.


4. You will feel stronger! 

I have always been one of those people who let others take the reigns when there is a problem. I am a slightly panicky person and get slightly flustered! However when you are travelling alone, you have to sort everything out for yourself, and I will be honest I find it really empowering!

Once I had managed to find my hostel, navigate myself through the rather confusing metro system and deal with all the issues I came across of the trip. I felt like I could take on the world. Even since I have returned home; I keep thinking ‘It’s find I coped while I was in Barcelona!’


5. You will have so much fun!

The overall memory that I took away from my solo trip is all the fun I had. I loved sitting in the kitchen chatting to strangers from around the world, hearing about what its like to live in Korea, and what makes people travel. I loved doing everything I wanted to do and just enjoying the atmosphere.

So are you going to jet off and go on your first solo trip? 


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