4 Of My Favourite Capsule Wardrobe Ideas

When packing for a long trip, especially when you’re just taking hand luggage, clever packing is key. This week I have been researching capsule wardrobes, to try and work out what I can take for my first solo trip to Barcelona (read about it here), and thinking about some possible trips I will take after I graduate.


Capsule wardrobes are the perfect way to take a small amount of clothes but the right clothes; making you look stylish and like you have your entire wardrobe, when you actually only have a small selection. There are some great examples of capsule wardrobes on Pinterest and I thought I would share with you some of my favorites to help you achieve that perfectly put together look when travelling.


  1. 7 days in Paris.

perfect Capsule wardrobe for Paris

Cris from Kiss my tulle put together a perfect classic honeymoon wardrobe, mainly filled with black and white items with a pop of classic browns, perfect for any preppy classic traveller. The neutral colours will mean that your photos won’t look out of date by the time you get home. Check out her website for some more wardrobe ideas!


  1. 10 Day and Night looks


If you are more of a prints and patterns type person Sara has you sorted; on her blog Live Love Sara’ she has put together an amazing 10 day packing list which includes some great outfits for both day and night.

Although there are more colours and patterns in Sara’s choices, the basic items are still really neutral, giving up an on-trend but never out of style look.


  1. Beach Holiday Capsule


Amber from Forever Amber has put together a capsule for your next beach getaway! I honestly never even thought about this for a beach style holiday. I love all the bright colours and patterns, and that some of the items look like they came right from the 50’s! If her page had a buy all button (and I had a more money!) I would surrounded by these amazing picks!


4.Casual Rock Chic


Another selection from Sara (who has millions of these types of inspiration!) I love her style, why can I never pick up these types of clothes! I will be stealing some ideas from here when I go to Barcelona!

What are your favourite capsule wardrobe idea!


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