10 things that happen when you go overlanding

It doesn’t matter where you go Overlanding whether you’re in Africa, Asia or Australia (didn’t mean to make them all begin with an A) you will experience some of the best moments of your life! And lots of weird stuff along the way. I thought I would share the 10 that happen to you when you go Overlanding.

Enjoy ūüôā

Overlanding group picture1.Your truck will break down 

My first day in India we had a fire and a flat tire! ¬†Everyone was fine and we all just piled off the truck and waited. At some point on your trip you are likely to break down or get stuck, but use it as an opportunity to see a bit of the country you didn’t plan on stopping at. Take in the landscape, get to know the locals. After all isn’t that why you booked an over landing trip?

Day 1 with a broken down truck

2. You will become ridiculously open about your toilet habits 

How often you pee, the colour of your pee, along with graphic details about your poo become a strange part of an over landing trip. Everyone will be talking about it. Its weird but its just a part of Overlanding!

3.You will go days without showering, and you will be ok with that 

I went¬†almost 5 days without showering! This¬†isn’t¬†something¬†I¬†would¬†normally do but you¬†don’t¬†always have the¬†opportunity¬†to shower when you are traveling, ¬†when we were¬†camping¬†we stayed in fields and lakesides that¬†didn’t¬†have toilets and showers. It becomes fine to not shower for days if you don’t have anywhere to shower; its part of the adventure.

Too many days without a shower

4.You will drive down roads you never thought you would make it down and arrive at places you dot even know existed 

There were some times where we sat at the back of the truck looking at the road we were trying to get down and picture yourself getting very stuck! There were the roads that went between market stalls that felt like it could barely fit a car let alone and over landing truck and the mountain roads with tight corners and a sheer drop on one side. But after you reached your destination- it will be so worth it.

Mountain range and hotel

5.You will stop caring how you look and if your clothes match 

There will get to a stage when you realise you’re¬†wearing¬†a very¬†strange outfit made up of the only clothes that are clean in your bag‚Ķ¬†and you¬†won’t¬†care. There is a strange¬†badge of honor¬†while¬†you are¬†traveling, that¬†comes¬†from¬†wearing¬†mismatched, dirty clothes. People who have a new outfit every day suddenly feel very posh.

6.There will be at least 1 annoying person on the trip, 

There will be one person who is annoying; they might hate camping (Why did you come on a trip that involves loads of camping?) and spend their whole time complaining about it. Or the person who falls in love with every guy on the trip and brings with them all the drama! But don’t worry you won’t have to spend any more time with them than you want to, the bigger groups allow you to choose your friends a bit more. And it can be fun to talk about all the gossip!


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7.You will stay in some very basic place, but that is part of the adventure

During my India trip, we camped behind a petrol station for a night. We stayed in hotels that hadn’t given us enough bedding, we couldn’t work the electricity, had all sorts of crawly friends and one that gave us a ‘triple bed’. But hey, those stories, the grotty hotels, and weird rooms are the stories I remember, the stories I look back and laugh about. They are a big part of the story.

Small bedroom in Nepal

8.You will discover cultures, you could never find in tourist areas

Spending so much time in a country, and traveling around on the roads means that you will experience the country like you haven’t before. Out of your window, you will see the true spirit of a country. Everyday people doing everyday things, unspoiled by the watching tourists. For me, this is the most special aspect of Overlanding.

Local women cooking in a temple

9.You will fall in love with everyday things

Hot showers, soft beds, your favorite meal will all suddenly become so much more special because you won’t take anything for granted. Overlanding trips tend to be filled with bucket showers- using a bucket of semi-warm water to throw over yourself to wash in, you often get a small jug to use to make it a little easier- and not so great beds. When you get home everything will feel like luxury


10.You will make some of the most amazing friendships

Someone on my trip said “Relationships are quicker on an over landing trip, Spending a week with someone while traveling is like being friends for 6 months.” and it is so true. You are spending up to 24 hours a day with your new friends, quickly developing habits, in-jokes and a better understanding of each other than you would normally. Hey if you’re lucky you might even find love.

Making friends while travelling

Have you ever been Overlanding? What do you think of this list?


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